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How to automate LinkedIn connections and messages?

To automate LinkedIn outreach, you'll need to build a Playbook that has LinkedIn steps then enroll a contact into that Playbook.

Steps to Automate LinkedIn Outreach with Playbooks:

Navigate to the Playbooks tab here.
Create a new Playbook by clicking "Create Playbooks"
Click "Add to Playbook"
Add a LinkedIn Step: Automated Connect or Automated Message
Set the Playbook live by clicking "Start Playbook"
Enroll a contact into the Playbook.

You can add Contacts or Leads to Playbooks in 2 ways:

1) Bulk Enrollment:
Select multiple leads using the checkbox
Click the ‘Playbooks’ Button
Add to Playbook
Select the Playbook you want to add your leads to

2) Manual Enrollment:
Open lead’s profile
Locate the contact you want to add to a Playbook
Click the Playbook icon
Choose the Playbook you want to add your leads to and press Enroll

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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