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How to Create, Edit, and Delete Workflow Steps

Workflows are a powerful tool for organizing your CRM. You can filter leads by lead stage, previous email communication dates, and so much more.

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Create a Workflow Step

Start in ‘All Leads' > Choose any filter(s) you want > Save Workflow Step > Save

To access advanced filters, click on the 3-dot "more" menu to the right of filters and select "Show Advanced Filters".

Edit Workflow Step Filters

Open existing Workflow Step > Add filter OR click on existing filter > Make desired changes > Save Workflow Step > Save

Edit a Workflow Step's Title

Hover over existing Workflow Step > Click on pencil icon > Type in new name > Save & Update

Delete Existing Workflow Step

Hover over existing Workflow Step name > Click on pencil icon > Click on ‘Delete Workflow Step’

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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