How to Create, Edit, and Delete Lead Views

Workflows are a powerful tool for organizing your CRM. You can filter leads by lead stage, previous email communication dates, and so much more.

To create and edit a Workflow step, please follow these steps:

Create a Workflow Step
Start in ‘All Leads' -> Add filter -> Choose any filter(s) you want -> Save Workflow Step -> Save
Edit Workflow Step Filters
Open existing Workflow Step -> Add filter OR click on existing filter -> Make desired changes -> Save Workflow Step -> Save
Edit a Workflow Step's Title
Hover over existing Workflow Step -> Click on pencil icon -> Type in new name -> Save & Update
Delete Existing Workflow Step
Hover over existing Workflow Step name -> Click on pencil icon -> Click on ‘Delete Workflow Step’

If you followed the steps in this guide and you’re still having problems with Workflow Steps, please reach out to us via the support chat in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.
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