How to Import Leads
Import leads here.

If you already have data that you’d like to migrate over to LeadLoft, follow these steps:

Settings -> Import Data -> Upload a CSV file -> Select the file you want to import -> Map Fields -> Match your fields to the corresponding LeadLoft fields -> Start import
Note: To import leads, you must have at least one of the following: email address, phone number, or full name.

After you import your file, you’ll see it appear under ‘Past Imports’ along with 4 statistics: Created, Updated, Skipped, and Failed.

Here’s an explanation of each stat:
Created: The number of rows from the file that resulted in a new contact being created. Note: If you're importing Lead information, it will be imported as well.
Updated: The number of rows from the file that resulted in a contact being updated.
Skipped: The number of rows from the file that were skipped because the contact already existed. This occurs because you selected "Skip" in the deduplication settings during import.
Failed: The number of rows from the file failed to be imported. This can occur due to an incorrect format, bad data, etc. Note: If you are on a Starter Plan, you are limited to 2,500 contacts. If you exceed this, all imported contacts beyond 2,500 will be marked "Failed".

If you followed these steps and you’re still unable to import leads, please reach out to us via the support chat on the bottom right corner of your screen.
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