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How to Install LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector (Chrome Extension)

How to Install LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector

Install the LinkedIn Prospector here.

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an incredible resource for finding relevant leads and starting conversations. LeadLoft’s LinkedIn Prospector ups the ante by adding a big ‘SAVE’ button next to users’ names. When you save a LinkedIn user, they are automatically added to your LeadLoft account and LeadLoft will try to find their email address for you.

How to Use the LinkedIn Prospector

Navigate to LinkedIn People Search or LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Click "Save"

Make sure you have the right contact tag selected near the top of the screen so your leads are easily organizable.

Now that you have the Prospector all set up, we recommend taking a look at our LinkedIn Prospector Best Practices Guide for various use cases.

If you followed all of the steps above and you still aren’t able to use the LinkedIn Prospector, please reach out to us via the support chat on the bottom right of your LeadLoft dashboard.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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