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Recommended Playbook Settings

Manage your Playbooks here.

Here are our recommended settings for Playbooks:

Sending Settings

Daily Enrollment: 10 to start and scale up to 40 over a few weeks time.
Schedule: Monday-Friday
Sending Timeframe: any time
Time Zone: The time zone you are based in.

For the Daily Enrollment setting, you can enroll unlimited leads into a playbook. If you surpass the daily enrollment limit, LeadLoft will schedule all other leads to be engaged in the future.

Safety Settings

Send Emails to Unverified Emails: Off
Eject from Playbook on Reply: On
Change Lead Stage when Enrolled: Engaging (or something similar)
Change Lead Stage on Reply: Potential (or something similar)
Change Lead Stage when All Steps are Completed: No Response

Playbook Steps

Email Type: Automated
# of email Steps: 2 or 4 emails to protect your sender reputation
# of Call Steps: Unlimited
# of Task Steps: Unlimited
Follow Up Delay: Start with a delay of 3-5 days and increase the delay between steps thereafter (e.g. 3, 7, 14, 30).

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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