What are Credits? (And how do they work?)

1 Search Credit = 1 Person's Contact Info
LeadLoft’s subscription tiers offer varying amounts of credits, but what are the credits and how can they be used?

How Do Credits Work?
LeadLoft’s credits are called Search Credits, and they are used to search for email addresses or other contact information on LeadLoft. 1 Search Credit is taken when the contact information for 1 contact has been found. Credits come with the subscription plans, but can also be purchased as add-ons at any time.

Note: LeadLoft won’t always be able to find someone’s contact information for you, in cases like this, no Search Credits will be used.

When Are Credits Delivered?

Monthly Plan: Credits are delivered & refilled monthly. Search Credits are delivered after each successful payment.

Annual Plan: Credits are delivered & refilled annually. This means you get all 12 months of credits delivered up front! Similar to the Starter Plan, Search Credits are delivered after each successful payment.

That being said, there are some cases where credits aren’t needed, so we’ve made a list for you to reference below:

Does Use Credits
LinkedIn Prospector
Single Search Tool
Investor Database
List Enrichment Tool

Does Not Use Credits
Importing Data
Exporting Data
Manual Lead Creation
Editing Leads
Using Playbooks/Sending Emails

If you read up to this point and you’re still unsure about Search Credits, please reach out to us via the support chat on the bottom right corner of your screen.
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