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What are Search Credits? And how do they work?

1 Search Credit = 1 Person's Contact Info

LeadLoft’s subscription tiers offer varying amounts of search credits. You can view the different tiers on our pricing page here.

How do search credits work?

LeadLoft’s credits are called Search Credits, and they are used to search for email addresses or other contact information on LeadLoft. 1 Search Credit is taken when the contact information for 1 contact has been found. Credits can be purchased as add-ons at any time.

What if no contact info is found?

If LeadLoft is unable to find someone’s contact information, no Search Credits will be used.

When are credits deposited in your account?

Monthly Plan: Credits are deposited monthly after each successful payment.

Unused credits will roll over for 12 months for monthly subscribers.

Annual Plan: Credits are delivered upfront and deposited annually. Similar to the Starter Plan, Search Credits are deposited after each successful payment.

Annual subscribers get all 12 months of credits delivered up front!

When are credits used?

LinkedIn Prospector
Single Search Tool
Investor Database
List Enrichment Tool

When are credits NOT used?

Importing Data
Exporting Data
Manual Lead Creation
Editing Leads
Using Playbooks/Sending Emails

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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