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What's a "Status" in LeadLoft?

Statuses in LeadLoft are designed to make it easy to know which leads need to be attended to. This is all handled algorithmically but we've gone ahead and outlined what each status means below.

What is a "Status" in LeadLoft?

Inactive: No future activity is scheduled.
Task Overdue: You should go complete this task.
Engaging: The lead is being engaged.

Detailed Breakdown:

Inactive: No future activity is scheduled (There's no scheduled or due tasks, no upcoming calendar events, and they're not in a playbook).
Task Overdue: The lead has an active task that is due - if you do nothing, this lead will be forgotten so you should go follow up.
Engaging: The lead is being engaged (There's an upcoming meeting, task scheduled, or they're in a playbook).

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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