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Why Can’t I Enroll a Lead in a Playbook?

Why Can’t I Enroll a Lead in a Playbook?

There are a couple different reasons that you are unable to enroll a lead into a Playbook:

The primary contact within the lead is already in a Playbook; contacts can only be enrolled in one playbook at a time so any contact already in a playbook will be skipped.
You are not the lead owner; If you are not an Owner, Admin, or Power User, only the lead owner can enroll contacts in Playbooks.
The email status of contacts being enrolled may be Unverified or Invalid. This can cause contacts to skip all of the email steps resulting in the playbook finishing immediately.

What can you do to solve this?

If the lead is already in another Playbook, remove them and you will now be able to enroll them in a Playbook.
If you’re not the lead owner, open the lead and look for ‘Lead Owner’ under Lead Info -> Change the lead owner to yourself -> Click Save -> and try again.
If you'd like to contact unverified emails, turn on the first Playbook safety setting "Send Emails to Unverified Emails (Avoid for Cold Outreach)". Invalid emails will always skip straight through a Playbook, but the email status can be updated in the lead profile page.

If you tried all of these and you’re still having trouble enrolling a contact into a Playbook, please reach out via the support chat bubble on the bottom right.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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