What to tags mean in the Investor Database?

Description: Learn what each tag means in the Investor Database and how it filters investor results.

What Do Tags Mean in the Investor Database?

When you select one or more of these tags, the Investor Database will only show investors that match those tags.

Here is what each tag means:

  • Popular: These investors are even more active than the 'active' investors. Expect them to have made at least 2 investments in the last 6 months.

  • Prominent: These investors make investments more often than investors with the previous two tags.

  • Green: 'Green' investors have a stated focus on environmental and sustainability initiatives. They may invest outside of those two areas, but typically their main focus will be in companies working to help the environment.

  • Female Focused: These investors have invested in female-led businesses in the past or have a stated focus on furthering women's careers in business. If you would like to focus your investor outreach on women, this tag will show many of the female investors in our database.

  • Diversity Focused: These investors have invested in, or have a stated investment focus on, startups led by minorities and/or LGBTQ founders.

  • Active Investor: Has recently made investments.

  • Lead Investor: Has a history of being a lead investor.

  • Follow On Investor: Does NOT have a history of being a lead investor.

Investor Database Tags
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