How to create a Playbook or Sequence?

Learn how to create Playbooks to automate email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, and other tasks.

Steps to create a Playbook:

  1. Navigate to the Playbooks tab here

  2. Create a new Playbook by clicking "Create Playbook"

  3. Click "Add to Playbook" to add new steps

  4. Set the Playbook live by clicking the blue "Start Playbook" button in the top right of the Playbook Draft

  5. Enroll a contact into the Playbook (How to enroll a contact in a playbook?)

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If you don't see the "Start Playbook" button, the Playbook has already been set live.

Playbooks, also known as sequences, are used to walk your team through outreach. This can include steps to send emails, LinkedIn messages, Custom Tasks, or even to make calls.

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