How to Use LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector (Chrome Extension)

Use and install LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector to easily save LinkedIn users and find their email addresses.

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Install the LinkedIn Prospector here.

How to Use the LinkedIn Prospector

  1. Navigate to LinkedIn People Search or LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  2. Search for People

  3. Click "Save"

What happens when you click "Save"? LeadLoft will…

  1. Find Contact Information

  2. Verify Contact Information

  3. Format Contact & Company Names (emojis, special characters, fix capitalization, and more)

  4. Create a New Contact in LeadLoft

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If the Contact's company does not already exist in your dashboard, a new lead and deal will be created as well.

LinkedIn Prospector Settings

  • Segments - Select a segment to save prospects to. This helps you stay organized.

  • Playbook - Select a Playbook to automatically begin engagaing them after clicking "Save".

  • User - Define who the Playbook Sender and Deal Owner are (*Requires Admin Permissions).

Advanced prospector Settings

  • Avoid Duplicate Outreach - This settings will only engage 1 contact in a lead at a time. Is useful if you want to engage contacts using the prospector, but only want to engage 1 at a time.

Now that you have the Prospector all set up, we recommend taking a look at our LinkedIn Prospector Best Practices Guide for more use cases.

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