Plans & Billing - How it Works

This article provides an overview of LeadLoft's billing process, including how changes to subscriptions are calculated.

Billing Overview

  1. Schedule - You can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis.

  2. Pricing - View LeadLoft's pricing at any time here.

  3. Manage Your Plan - You can manage your plan at any time from here.

How Changes To Subscriptions Are Calculated

Upgrading Users:

When you purchase additional users, you are billed immediately. The price /user will be discounted to reflect the amount of time left in your subscription.

Example: If you add a new user half way through a monthly billing cycle, LeadLoft will bill $44.5 instead of the full $99.

Downgrading Users:

When you downgrade users, you will immediately lose this seat and no credit will be applied to your account.

If you cancel your subscription, all Search Credits will be removed from your account.

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