What's a "Status" in LeadLoft?

Learn about the different lead statuses in LeadLoft for efficient lead management.

Statuses in LeadLoft are designed to make it easy to know which leads need to be attended to. This is all handled algorithmically but we've gone ahead and outlined what each status means below.

Simple Overview

Tend to all deals marked New, Follow Up, or Task Due.

Other deals are already being engaged or have been engaged recently.

Overview of Statuses

What is an "Open Status" in LeadLoft?

  • New: Deals with no past communication.

  • Follow Up: Deals with no communication for a number of days (You can adjust the # of days in each deal stage here)

  • Task Due: Deals where a task is due.

  • Active: Deals with recent activity.

What is an "Closed Status" in LeadLoft?

  • Won: The deal is in a "Won" stage (e.g. Customer, Investor, Partner).

  • Lost: The deal is in a "Lost" stage (e.g. Bad Fit, Not Interested, No Response).

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