How to Add Team Members

Learn how to invite new team members to your LeadLoft Workspace and what their experience will be like once invited.

How to Invite New Team Members

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Click the "Team" tab

  3. Click "Invite New +" in the top right

  4. Type in their email address

  5. Click Invite

You can invite new team member from the 'Team' tab within settings found here.

What does the invited Team Member experience?

  • If the team member already uses LeadLoft: LeadLoft immediately adds them to your Workspace and will send an email to notify them.

  • If a team member doesn't already use LeadLoft: an email will be sent inviting them to sign up for LeadLoft. As soon as they’ve signed up, they'll be automatically added to your Workspace.

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