Why are some Playbook tasks being skipped?

Learn how LeadLoft knows when to skip tasks.

Why does LeadLoft skip tasks?

Tasks are skipped when the data provided is not useful. This means that if the data is invalid or non-existent, tasks that require that data will be skipped.

To learn more about the specific reasons why tasks are skipped, read below.

When are Email Tasks skipped?

  • The contact has no email.

  • The email is marked "Invalid".

  • The email is marked "Unverified" - skips when the Playbook is set to only engage "Verified" emails.

When are LinkedIn Connect Tasks Skipped?

  • The Contact has no LinkedIn URL.

When are LinkedIn Messages Skipped?

  • The Contact has no LinkedIn URL.

  • You are not connected with the Contact.

When are Call Tasks Skipped?

  • The phone numbers are all marked "Bad Number".

  • There are no phone numbers.

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