Why can’t I enroll a Contact in a Playbook?

Contact failing to enroll in a Playbook? Here's how to fix it.

Sometimes when you try to enroll a contact in a Playbook, they'll fail to be engaged. This articles explains why and how to solve it.

Common Reasons Why you Can't Enroll a Contact or Deal in a Playbook

  1. One Playbook per Contact at a Time: The primary contact within the Deal is already in a Playbook; contacts can only be enrolled in one playbook at a time so any contact already in a playbook will be skipped.

  2. Unverified Emails: The email status of contacts being enrolled may be Unverified or Invalid. This can cause contacts skip all steps and be immediately ejected - appearing as though the contact was never enrolled. .

Common Solutions

  1. If the contact is already in another Playbook, eject them and you will now be able to enroll them in a Playbook.

  2. If you'd like to contact unverified emails, turn on the first Playbook safety setting "Send Emails to Unverified Emails (Avoid for Cold Outreach)". Invalid emails will always skip straight through a Playbook unless you manually edit it.

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