How to Enroll a Contact in a Playbook

Learn how to add or enroll contacts to Playbooks with both bulk enrollment and manual enrollment. .

You can add Contacts to Playbooks in 2 ways:

Option #1) Bulk Enrollment:

  1. Select multiple Deals using the checkboxes

  2. Click the ‘Playbooks’ Button

  3. Click "Add to Playbook"

  4. Select the Playbook you want to use

  5. The contact for each deal will be enrolled

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When bulk enrolling Deals, the Deal's contact will be engaged. In most cases, this is the Primary (top most) contact.

Option #2) Manual Enrollment:

  1. Open a Deal

  2. Locate a Contact

  3. Click the Playbook icon

  4. Click "Enroll" next to the Playbook you want to use

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