Reasons for 100% Email Open Rates

This article shares several reasons as to why email open rates in LeadLoft may be inflated, often approaching 100%.

Common Reasons

  • Outgoing mail server filters or email service provider scans opening emails to check for spam, malicious links or attachments. This is the most common cause of many emails being opened simultaneously.

  • Third-party integrations or browser extensions scanning outbound messages and registering opens.

  • Recipient spam filters opening emails during security scans.

  • Senders opening emails from their Sent folder in their email client instead of in LeadLoft.

Other Causes

  • Tracking pixels being copied into Email Templates, Playbooks or Signatures.

  • CC/BCC recipients opening the email.

  • Senders or recipients viewing emails in preview panes.

  • Email forwarding causing additional opens.

  • Apple's Mail Privacy Protection pre-loading content and registering opens.

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